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Yorkies-Saddie has 1 male and 1
female.  Ready after 09/24/2019.  
Photos Posted!

Teddy Bears-( Shihtzu/Bichon)-
Sterling has 3 males and 2
females.  Ready after 09/23/19.  
Photos Posted under Designer
Breed puppies!

Shihtzus-Tootsie has 5, 4 females
and 1 male, will be small.  Ready
10/12/19.  Photos Posted!

Malt-A-Poos-Dallas has 3
females and 1 male.  Ready after
Photos Posted, under
Designer Breed Puppies!

Shiree has 3 females.   Ready after
Photos Posted under
Designer Breed puppies!

PUGS-Trista has 4 males and 2
females.  Ready after 11/01/19.
Photos soon!

Miniature Poodele-Dolyn has 5
males.  Ready after 11/01/19.  
Photos soon!

Maltese-Lindsey has 2 males and
1 female.  Ready after 11/01/19.  
Photos soon!

Morkies-Sara has 2 males and 2
females.  Ready after 11/06/19.  
Photos soon, under Designer  
Breed Puppies!

Toy Poodles-Lil Poo has 1 tiny
male and 1 tiny female.  Ready
after 11/09/19. Photos soon!

Pomeranians- Cassidy has 4 males
and 1 female.   Ready after
11/09/19.  Photos soon!

Aussie-Doodles- Jada has 2 Merle
female and 4 black/white males.  
Ready after 11/11/19.  Photos soon!
Angel also has 2 merle females
and 3 balck/white males.  Ready
after 11/22/19.  Photos soon!

We will have  
more litters
ready soon, so if you
do not see what you
are looking for, keep
an eye on the site!!!